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About the company

KIROSHÉ is an international brand, which specializes in blazers, shrugs, jackets and cardigans. It was established on September 2020. KIROSHÉ operates its manufacturing factory in Indonesia (Jakarta) and the head office lies in Jaipur – Rajasthan. KIROSHÉ offers blazers, shrugs, jackets and cardigans in a variety of patterns and styles. Providing fashion enthusiasts with versatile yet trendy pieces to be mix matched. KIROSHE ensures the preferences and requirements of their customers and the weather conditions in their country to provide the top notch experience of comfort for their clients.KIROSHÉ bring you with pocket friendly prices, with bright floral shrugs, striding different patterns and refreshing prints.KIROSHÉ creates casual and party wear shrugs, blazers, jackets and cardigans for women.


Armour yourself being with pride & confidence to identify the virtue of a woman


To enhance creativity styles in blazers and shrug around the world.

About the founder

KIROSHE is an internationally established brand launched by Ms KIRAN CHANDNANI, a fashion and textile designer. She had pursued her master’s in International business from Monash University of Malaysia. She had later gained experience from corporate jobs at reputed firms and curated KIROSHÉ

Why are we are unique?

Curating different patterns, mix of textures in neck designs and accentuating sleeves styles to identify the virtue & confidence of a woman. Creating designer shrugs, jackets, blazers and cardigans in plain & floral prints, all in exclusive styles, makes KIROSHÉ stands out among others.